Genesis Gameplay Trailer! Release Date!

Genesis is debut game of Rodasi Games (®). It is a 2.5D platformer jetpack style shooter. Set in cyberpunk scene of Rain City and loosely follows characters, that call themselves the Agents. Agents come from different backgrounds and stories, what brings them together is their fight against AI controlled administration and their nexus of cyber-organic mods and ability systems. Now marked as wanted, some of the Agents run away while some remain and fight off AI security forces that went rogue due to a glitch in the system...exactly what they anticipated.

Created and funded by a solo developer, from code to graphic design (with some resources by talented coders and artists), Genesis is a merged project that combines systems from previous unfinished project with assets by the developer and others. It is initially set to launch on Android but with enough support it will launch on other platforms later. With drilling Dark Synthwave music and unforgiving gameplay, Genesis aims to provide an unique experience. Release date: 20/7/2021 (IST) Link: FB: Twitter:


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