Aim For The Moon

Hello, Akshay here, sole developer and artist of Rodasi working on my upcoming game Lost Astro. I am excited making my first game which is a platformer in 3D environment, a 2.5D you can say. My interest in making games started in 2013, at that time I was doing it as hobby (using asset store and making 3D models in Blender3D) , something I did besides graduation. Few years later, after working as a Graphic Design tutor and freelancer, I got a job in Green Gold Animation where I explored more about Graphic Designing and its standards. I made many images and designs for the company but my main responsibility was to make assets for their mobile games and websites. And that is when my interest in making games sparked again, full lights on. In beginning I wasn't sure if game developing is something I wanted to pursue because animation is also my subject of interest. In comparison, games add another layer to it that is interaction, and I decided to make games. Enough about me ok, let's address the elephant in the room. 

First let me introduce you to the character and plot of my game. You play as Adam, an astronaut who was send by a space research organization with a team, and AID (an AI droid), to explore the closest new world they discovered. A surge of dark energy hits the spaceship, TARUS, from an unknown source and the expedition is compromised. The hit destroys power system of the ship. Unfortunately the team is in deep sleep state and unaware. AID uses the alien sun's solar energy to charge the power enough for survival, but it can't control the ship. However, not all is bad, the ship coasts on its own inertia and is not very far from the target planet. AID wakes the captain up, that is Adam. Success of the mission, lives of his team and safety of the data they collected throughout their journey depends on him. Over the course the ship is infested by hostile entities, and fighting them is the only chance of survival. 

It was a fun read, wasn't it? In general words, you shoot alien monsters for survival. While its an endless running game, neither are you running nor is it a typical endless auto-scrolling game. I came up with this narrative and idea back in May 2020, it was a time when I was in 'should I stay or should I go' situation regarding my job. I decided to go. Honestly though, how much excited I am about making games and my current work in progress, I am that nervous too. It's my first game that I will publish and results can be anything. I am investing whatever little I saved from my previous job into this, and it doesn't help that there is a pandemic going on at the moment. Everyone told me that leaving my job isn't brightest thing to do. And I fear it as well, more than of someone plagiarizing my game's plot because I put it on the internet. What I fear most is failing without ever trying.

So almost a month after working on my game, I can say soon I will reach a point where I have something to show. I have made the textures, only few 3D models are remained to finish, main character script is done, scripts of some of the monsters are done, some UI got progress and I have optimized the assets, further optimizations will done during testing of main game. All that I need for the demo video I am planning are done at the moment. Later I will be creating a page on IndieDB for it, and a Kickstarter campaign (I hope to see you there).

A 2.5D platformer space shooter may not sound like a unique idea for mobile game. I plan on bringing my unique vision to it and a gritty mix. It will be a stepping stone for Rodasi Games. Inspired by many games I have played, with the ethics and style of developers that inspire me. Rodasi will strive for perfection, style and unparalleled interactive experience that will scale our future high.

I can't wait to share more details. Until then, stay safe,  stay healthy and spread the word.




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