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Dev Diary: Genesis v 1.0 Is Now Updated And More!

Genesis version 1.0 is available. What's change is some bug fixes, main menu enhancement and removed the "support" related info form shop menu. Next update is just around the corner bringing movement speed/fire-rate balancing fixes and small nerf to the enemy AI. Genesis is my Rodasi's first game, my first game, and I wanted it to be different in the crowd of flash/casual games. I added several features in it in terms of gameplay like bullet time, armor shields, when you kill enemy bots they drop health, armor, etc. all this to encourage engagement, the music is from good indie artists in synth culture, and there were plans to expand with more characters Agents for free (I mean free of real currency, in game currency can be earned by playing), but due to not so much support around the game that needed to be dropped and I had to focus on other things. I still think this game has potential and can be good what it needs is some attention from the dev and exposure to the

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